The Best Teen Movies of All Time


Some good teen movies, and some of my favorite of all time are the ones that make us feel as if we’re reliving the experience for the first time. There have been a multitude of attempts over the past several decades but many have failed. Here are some of the best teen movies that have passed the test.


The Breakfast Club certainly ranks high on the list. Several kids spend a day in detention from different walks of life. The teens end up meshing in an effort to derail the detention host despite their differences. A John Hughes film, The Breakfast Club offer incredible insight into the differences among geeks, athletes, nerds and beauty queens. It stars some of the most well known actors and actresses of the 1980’s era including Judd Nelson, Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall and Emilio Estevez.


Sixteen Candles is another must see teen movie. Everyone forgets that it’s Samantha’s birthday. Samantha goes to the big dance despite that fact and gets hit on by a freshman who would rather just prove to his buddies he had sex. In a coming of age tale from 1984, this film is a must see for teenagers. It’s timeless in so many ways. Anthony Michael Hall is brilliant in his role as a geeky freshman trying to find a girl. Samantha spends the movie trying to track down Jake-the superstar athlete.


Ferris Bueller’s Day Off is another epic teen tale of kids just trying to spend a day away from the restrictions of school. Matthew Broderick excels in his portrait of a young man who just wants to do something different with his day other than go to school. Often imitated, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off was an original that showed the world what a day of skipping school could mean.


Mean Girls is another movie with a black comedy approach. Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried star in this comedy that illustrates just how dark the life of a higher school student can potentially be. It’s one of those movies that really gets exactly what the high school experience can be like in painful terms.


Fast Times At Ridgemont High might offer up the exact slice of life as it goes in the United States. Jennifer Jason Leigh, Phoebe Cates and Judge Reinhold really support an amazing cast in one of the most spectacularly truthful films ever made about the awkward high school experience. Another timeless movie, Fast Times At Ridgemont High really puts the viewer back in that uncomfortable chair in high school.


Superbad might be the funniest teen movie of all time. The more recent flick illustrates just how painful it is for those enduring the teen experience. Jonah Hill is superb in his standout role as the guy who tries to convince his buddy to get beer for the big party. There are so many laugh out loud scenes that this movie might eventually take over as the best teen movie of all time.


American Pie is also another to consider upon casting votes for the best teen movie of all time. Starring Jason Biggs, American Pie brings to life the trials and tribulations about four guys trying to have sex for the very first time. It hammers home the not so funny moments and the awkwardness of puberty.


Celebrities Under Control by MKUltra


Take a moment to adorn your most well worn tin foil hat. Today we are going to discuss Project MKUltra and the celebrities who may be under its sawy. If you were the conspiracy minded type you would already know that Project MKUltra is the formerly secret mind control program developed by the CIA. Yes, it is a real thing. Tests and studies have actually been done using this program. Today we are going to talk about MK Ultra celebrities who have allegedly fallen victim to the program.


Taylor Swift

We’re going to blow your mind here a little bit. When people think of celebs that have fallen prey to ‘mind control’, they tend to think of the obvious and out there types — Lady Gaga for example. Taylor Swift is currently the Queen of Pop Music but certain folks believe that she has been comprised. Look to the song ‘Style’, and the corresponding video, to see why. Can you catch all of the simple allusions to nefarious concepts?


Kurt Cobain

A member of the 27 club, the death of rockstar Kurt Cobain has been the subject of suspicion ever since it happened, and it hasn’t tapered down at all. The rumor surrounding Kurt Cobain is that he was being controlled by the government under the guise of his popularity as a grunge rocker. People go further to say that Cobain didn’t actually kill himself, and Courtney Love wasn’t even the victim. Conspiracy theorists posit that the CIA had Cobain killed when he no longer wanted to play along with their rules. That’s a total Cobain move.

Rona Borre Reigns As Top Woman CEO In Chicago

Rona Borre, Leading Entrepreneur
Rona Borre, Leading Entrepreneur

Rona Borre, one of the Chicagoland’s most leading entrepreneurs, is making her own mark. The founder and CEO of Instant Alliance, has gained national recognition for her leadership and devotion to the Chicago community.


Rona Borre formed her Instant Alliance in 2001. According to the CEO, she just woke up one day in her condo and she had something she wanted to create. Her drive and determination was a focal point in in getting her baby up and running. Needless-to-say, Instant Alliance was an instant success. The revenue has increased over the last 15 years, and she has staffed dozens of technology companies with good, strong, business savvy people.


Barrett received a business degree from the University of Arizona. Borre rose through the ranks of several corporations. Tiring of the rigors of working for others, she decided to build something of her own: a business that provides a service to the community and create a steady stream of income.


Borre has received numerous awards from the business industry. As the owner of one of the leading female-owned businesses in the U.S., Borre has been honored by the National Association of Business Women, National Women in Business, The Chicago President’s Club and The Economic Club of Chicago.


She has been profiled on CNN, Fox News and USA Today Magazine. Borre says she has a passion for helping others. Pairing talented people with the best companies is a win-win for all involved. See


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The Industrious Personality behind Mullen Lowe

Jose Borghi is the Brazilian advertiser and the founder of the populous company, Mullen Lowe. He was born in Presidente Prudente in Brazil. Borghi is a graduate in Advertising and Communication from the PUC- Campinas. His talents and skills have enabled Jose Borghi to run several adverts and campaigns that made him famous globally. For instance, he has featured in the Honda company campaigns, the Unilever, Delta Airlines, Procter, Bunge Group, American Express, and Coral Paints.

Jose Borghi first job was with the Standart Ogilvy Agency in 1989 before moving to the FCB, DM9/DDB, Talent and Leo Burnett companies. Both Jose Borghi and Erh Ray co-founded the BorghiErh agency in 2002, which later came to known as Borghi Lowe after he bought it in December 2008. At the initial stages, the agency had no funds as there were no investors, no bank, and no godfather. The company later became known as Mullen Lowe after its merger with the Mullen Group. With the merger of the two agencies that formed Mullen Lowe, Jose Borghi and Andre Gomes became appointed as the co- chief executive officer.

Jose’s achievement in advertising made him receive several awards. These awards include the seven London Statutes, the fifteen April Awards, ten One Show Awards, eleven New York Festival Awards, and the agency of the year award in 2014.

The restructured Mullen Lowe has two headquarters in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. The objective of the organization is to make its operations an integrated innovative, driven marketing, and communication network.

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Thor Halvorssen’s Diverse Efforts For Human Rights

Human rights is something that is worth fighting for. Unfortunately, so many injustices have been committed which have been swept under the rug. The victims are left to have to deal with the injustices because of apathy. Fortunately, there is someone who does not want to let this type of injustice go. This person is so passionate about human rights that he has started a foundation with the sole purpose of bringing to light the violations that people have to deal with in their own countries. Therefore, he is gaining a lot of ground on what he can do for the world. His name is Thor Halvorssen

One of the ways that Thor is bringing more attention to the injustices of the world is by putting together films. He has produced quite a few films which have brought about a lot of attention to the issues throughout the world. Hollywood is one of the best ways to bring certain issues to attention. After all, there are a lot of people that consume different forms of media. This is why it is important to be able to reach them in the most efficient way possible. One thing that could be said for people is that they are typically compassionate. Therefore, they need to be shown these different issues in order to be able to support efforts to bring about greater human rights to people.

Thor Halvorssen is someone that can be trusted in the fight for human rights. Therefore, people can rest assured that there are going to be more people in the fight for human rights. For one thing, Thor has inspired many people to follow suit in what he is doing. He not only fights for better demonstrations of justice, but he also takes the time to get personally involved even at the risk of his own life. for more.

Eric Lefkofsky Appointed to Join DRIVIN Board of Directors

Eric Lefkofsky recently acquired a new position. According to a report from DRIVIN, Eric will serve on the company board of directors. The report also indicates that Eric Lefkofsky will be taking his position immediately. Lefkofsky is known to many as the co-founder and chairman of a company known as Groupon.

DRIVIN is a very popular startup that was established several years ago to bring changes in the car industry. The institution has been focusing on achieving this goals by using the latest technology in all their operations. With the new technology, the dealers will be able to source and acquire cars for their clients in the competitive industry.

Eric Lefkofsky is a serial entrepreneur who has achieved a lot in several sectors. Lefkofsky has made several investments in several organizations in the country. Erick has worked with Groupon for several years, and he is also considered to be one of the co-founders of DRIVIN. The successful entrepreneur has made his investment in the company through an organization known as Lightbank.

Lightbank is a powerful venture capital organization that focuses on investments made in the disruptive technology. The successful organization was established by Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Keywell, his close business associate. Under his leadership, Lighthouse has been doing well, transforming the lives of many people in business.

While accepting his latest appointment, Eric Lefkofsky said that he was happy to be part of the board of directors at DRIVIN. He also said that the organization was dedicated to bringing the change needed in the used car department. As a member of the board of directors, Eric Lefkofsky said that he would work closely with the top management to advance the mission of the company to deliver high-quality services to the investors in the growing industry.

DRIVIN has been in the car industry for a while now. The institution specializes in the growing trends, and its greatest concern is the car purchases the cost of new vehicles in the modern times has increased significantly. Most of the consumers are not able to buy new vehicles, and this is why DRIVIN wants to make sure that all consumers get quality cars. The organization has partnered with investors and business associates from different parts of the country to make sure that this mission is accomplished. The team has also integrated the latest technology in its operations to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Eric Lefkofsky will work hard to make sure that the company achieves its dreams.

ClassDojo’s Empathy Mission

ClassDojo is a communication platform app that schools are using nationwide. The app is used to teach kids about empathy. Jennifer Ellison had paired off her fifth grade reading class with a partner. One of her students had an epiphany. He realized that one of his peer’s would feel anxious, because he would feel socially pressured. His peer is autistic and social interactions are a challenge for him. The 5th grader expressed his concern to Jennifer and suggested that the class rotate partners to ease his peer’s anxiety.

Creating community apps like ClassDojo helps teachers, parents, students have a connection, empowerment and empathy towards others. It helps teachers like Jennifer Ellison instill compassion and respect in her students. This was brought about by a short five-minute video series. The ground-up change app has helped teachers communicate with both parents and students. The app introduces merry monster and an enticing design that is exciting and entertaining. In 2015, 2 in 3 schools have used the ClassDojo app.

Sam Chaudhary is the CEO and co-founder of ClassDojo. He is very proud of his application and its ability to connect with other users outside a community’s area. The classroom use of this application has increased since 2015. Herman Tanja stated “If you’re an adult in the United States, you’ve got LinkedIn for work, Facebook for friends and family. This ends up being the third set of relationships, around your kids”. ClassDojo will do a trial run on other features for parents who currently use the app to try out. LubaFalk Feigenberg pointed out the importance of people connecting with others who have a different faith and background. This will help students have empathy for one another.

ClassDojo will be using its monster character, Mojo, to teach kids how to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. In the series, Mojo has to direct a play. His best friend Katie is the star of the play. Katie is concern that she will make Mojo look bad and ruin his play. She decides to walk off along with the other cast members. Mojo tries to put himself in their place and tries to persuade them to do the play. The character Mojo is teaching kids how to have compassion for others. ClassDojo is creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools.

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Eric Pulier Created A New Learning Method For Disabled Kids

Eric Pulier is a technology maven who has done quite a lot of work in the industry serving the government, businesses and children. He began his career with a move to California that facilitated his work with People Doing Things. This article explains how he created new learning methods for students the world over, helped students graduate and ensured their success in the future.

#1: What Was People Doing Things?

People Doing Things was an outgrowth of Eric’s work in adaptive technology. He creates things that adapt to the consumer, and People Doing Things brought devices to children most in need. Eric moved on from his charity work after a few years when he became an ambassador for technology through the Clinton administration. He ensured the country would transition to the year 2000 well, and he became a darling of the technology community.

#2: How Did Children Succeed?

Children succeed when they are given proper tools for the job at-hand. Each child received a device that made their school journey simpler, and they graduated on-time in several cases. Learning techniques are created by teachers who study the art of learning and teaching, but they must use devices created for their specific needs.

#3: The Y2K Transition

Eric was brought onto the committee for the Y2K transition as he was familiar with the function of government systems. He built enterprise technology used by government agencies, and he advised the government on ways to ensure the systems would continue as the clocks turned to 2000.

#4: His Work Continues

Eric’s work continues as he works with enterprise technology in the digital age. No one could have anticipated digital technology, but they see that modern technology must be adapted to their company’s systems. Eric Pulier created systems that kept up with the advancements in technology in the new age. He has been up-to-date with technology since the early days of his career, and he is upgrading information even today for customers.

Eric Pulier’s career is a long list of accomplishments that have helped people the world over. Helping children to begin his career set him on the right path.

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Workville NYC Is Perfect For Entrepreneurs


An entrepreneur knows he or she has to work extremely hard in order to achieve success. Entrepreneurs frequently are reliant on innovativeness and a desire to overcome many hurdles. Entrepreneurs also know they must present the right image. This is where Workville NYC assists with creating the perfect image. Through Workville, an entrepreneur can access New York’s shared office space network and use the correlation to brand him/herself effectively as a hip, up and coming, Big Apple success story.


Best of all, these results can be achieved without blowing a budget out of the proverbial water. Workville NYC does not charge unreasonable fees and costs for those who wish to share space with other professionals in need of part-time office space in the Times Square area.


Being situated in New York really is a help to business-minded persons.


Entrepreneurs trying to best establish themselves in an industry do have to look “big time” as part of their branding strategy. An entrepreneur who is working out of his or her home or apartment can arrive at fantastic results. There does come a time, however, where the entrepreneur has to deal with the public or potential partners. Meetings at a local coffee shop or the garage of a home won’t exactly help the cause of making a fantastic impression. Even when the entrepreneur has a great concept, presentation, or portfolio, image means a lot. A person is not going to look “big league” when working out of a private residence. Renting shared office space at Workville NYC can change all that.


Workville NYC is designed to provide a fully-functioning office for those who cannot afford or do not need a full-time office. Sharing the office with other people is fine when there is no need for access to an entire office all the time. Entrepreneurs with limited funds probably wouldn’t be able to rent a complete office on a monthly basis anyway.


Once the address in the Times Square region is procured, a lot of prestige is gained. With that prestige, an entrepreneur can do a lot to make a great impression. Workville NYC aids budding entrepreneurs with making a fantastic impression along with attaining other beneficial results.

Smarter feedback and reporting solutions for businesses; Raj Fernando

There is no denying that business practices have changed a lot over the years. Previously, it was easy to wait the whole year for projects central to a business to be completed. However, things have been really changing and this is creating issues with the reporting practices. Currently, many companies are finding it easier to create shorter and more convenient project time tables, which are also affecting the type of feedback given. The annual reports are being thrown out the window in favor of more short term reporting practices.

The CEO at Scoutahead, Raj Fernando feels that employers are moving more in favor of employees getting the random checks into their progress for a number of reasons.

  • For the annual report to be created, resources like time, human resource and labor have to be invested into the process.
  • The results of the annual reports tend to be restrictive because the creativity of the employees is inhibited a lot in the process. This leads to the working environment turning adversarial, especially on the people that carry out the reporting.
  • The outcome of the process is usually employees feeling somewhat undervalued, especially after a year of hard work. This increases the annual turnover

The Harvard business review notes that the conventional annual reports have been abandoned altogether in favor of talent development of company staff. The companies realized that to beat their competition, they had to search among their ranks to find the person who would best fit various positions, hence the talent based search. Since businesses have moved away from annual cycles and are focusing on short term projects, the annual reports no longer make sense.

About Raj Fernando

Raj is the CEO and founder at Scoutahead. He was at the helm of Chopper trading before he created the current company. The long journey he has taken to economic success started with a job as an employee at the board of trade in Chicago. Chopper trader was started after the successful sale of the first business. His successful resume reflects his intelligence as a business leader.

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