Celebrities Under Control by MKUltra


Take a moment to adorn your most well worn tin foil hat. Today we are going to discuss Project MKUltra and the celebrities who may be under its sawy. If you were the conspiracy minded type you would already know that Project MKUltra is the formerly secret mind control program developed by the CIA. Yes, it is a real thing. Tests and studies have actually been done using this program. Today we are going to talk about MK Ultra celebrities who have allegedly fallen victim to the program.


Taylor Swift

We’re going to blow your mind here a little bit. When people think of celebs that have fallen prey to ‘mind control’, they tend to think of the obvious and out there types — Lady Gaga for example. Taylor Swift is currently the Queen of Pop Music but certain folks believe that she has been comprised. Look to the song ‘Style’, and the corresponding video, to see why. Can you catch all of the simple allusions to nefarious concepts?


Kurt Cobain

A member of the 27 club, the death of rockstar Kurt Cobain has been the subject of suspicion ever since it happened, and it hasn’t tapered down at all. The rumor surrounding Kurt Cobain is that he was being controlled by the government under the guise of his popularity as a grunge rocker. People go further to say that Cobain didn’t actually kill himself, and Courtney Love wasn’t even the victim. Conspiracy theorists posit that the CIA had Cobain killed when he no longer wanted to play along with their rules. That’s a total Cobain move.