ClassDojo’s Empathy Mission

ClassDojo is a communication platform app that schools are using nationwide. The app is used to teach kids about empathy. Jennifer Ellison had paired off her fifth grade reading class with a partner. One of her students had an epiphany. He realized that one of his peer’s would feel anxious, because he would feel socially pressured. His peer is autistic and social interactions are a challenge for him. The 5th grader expressed his concern to Jennifer and suggested that the class rotate partners to ease his peer’s anxiety.

Creating community apps like ClassDojo helps teachers, parents, students have a connection, empowerment and empathy towards others. It helps teachers like Jennifer Ellison instill compassion and respect in her students. This was brought about by a short five-minute video series. The ground-up change app has helped teachers communicate with both parents and students. The app introduces merry monster and an enticing design that is exciting and entertaining. In 2015, 2 in 3 schools have used the ClassDojo app.

Sam Chaudhary is the CEO and co-founder of ClassDojo. He is very proud of his application and its ability to connect with other users outside a community’s area. The classroom use of this application has increased since 2015. Herman Tanja stated “If you’re an adult in the United States, you’ve got LinkedIn for work, Facebook for friends and family. This ends up being the third set of relationships, around your kids”. ClassDojo will do a trial run on other features for parents who currently use the app to try out. LubaFalk Feigenberg pointed out the importance of people connecting with others who have a different faith and background. This will help students have empathy for one another.

ClassDojo will be using its monster character, Mojo, to teach kids how to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. In the series, Mojo has to direct a play. His best friend Katie is the star of the play. Katie is concern that she will make Mojo look bad and ruin his play. She decides to walk off along with the other cast members. Mojo tries to put himself in their place and tries to persuade them to do the play. The character Mojo is teaching kids how to have compassion for others. ClassDojo is creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools.

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